L&B Process, Aftercare & FAQs


- total ~ 1HR (you will be laying down, eyes closed)
- for ~15 minutes @ the start & end I will be setting up & cleaning up - otherwise 3 products applied to your lash for ~10 minutes each
(I barely bug you,
but I’ll be in the room with you.)
- YES, we can do lash & brow services at the same time
+~15 - 20 minutes.

*chats, naps, podcasts, music or meditation welcome -
this is your time - enjoy it!
in my opinion, this is as worth while as the outcome!


for 24-48 hours post appointment:
- minimal H20!
yes, you can wash your face, shower, etc.
- just keep the water around,
not directly on.

- try not to “snorkle” in your sleep! side and face down sleepers! - be cozy, but keep them off your pillow if possible.

- in general, limit touch.

you can comb (a little) with your new spoolie though!


“can it last longer?”

no, all of our body hair is on a 6-8 week rotation, it all falls out & is replaced always - so gradually the ‘treated’ hairs fall out & new ones replace them, naturally, always.

“how about damage?”

this ^ is also why, no, it doesn’t do harm ongoing. the process just affects the hairs themselves, so once the treated ones move out, the new are new.

"Can I wear mascara &/or makeup still?"

Of course! I don't recommend it within the first 24-48 hours, but if you want to amplify the look you can wear your usual makeup as you wish.

BUT tint is lifted quicker by oils,
so limit oils directly on the treated areas for longevity & keep em combed (using your spoolie) & tidy for best looks.