FAQ’s “can it last longer?” no, not really. all of our body hair is on a 6-8 week rotation, it all falls out & is replaced by fresh hairs - so gradually the ‘treated’ hairs go & new ones replace them. using oils on the *this is also why no it doesn’t harm your lashes ongoing. the process just affects the lash itself, so once they moves out, the new are new.


please wear a mask, i will to.

i give all tools, bottles & furniture a good scrub between each of you. (washroom too - it's also equipped with disinfectant wipes for your use!)

& yes, there is a shiny plexi installed. 

if you are feeling unwell,or have been in contact with covid please let me know as soon as possible & reschedule.



please contact to reschedule or cancel minimum 24 hours before your appointment.

if this is not possible (or of course, any covid related concerns have come up) please let me know ASAP.

after 2 cancellations, deposit will be required for next booking. 

a little note on time. i get it, i can be notoriously tardy too. if you tend to be timely i admire you! but often i am puzzling the day together, so your appointment time is ideal. that is not before, but not after either.

additionally & especially now I need the time before & after to clean well for you & and my next appointment.

as much as I would love you all to get to high-five your decorated hands on the way in & out - for now, just trust me, you're all lovely.